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Pinched Nerve? : 2011-10-21

A few weeks ago we notice that occasionally when Daisy would turn her head to the right she would let you a little yelp. It only happened 2x on one day and then nothing for a couple of weeks. Last night when I went to put her roughwear harness on she really yelped, winched in pain then tried to nip my hand. I gave her a tramadol and later she let me run my hands over her shoulders, neck and back….I can’t feel any heat or knots, I didnt try to manipulate her legs or neck so I am not sure what area is hurting. She slept all night and we will try to get her into the vets today. We had an old dobe that had a slipped disc so this is really scary….lets hope its just a pulled muscle.

I am GLAD dad fell down and got hurt… : 2011-09-05

Ok- this isnt about me but about my dad (Aka Bob). Back in May dad was walking across the edge of our above ground pool and fell down and hurt his arm. It wasnt getting any better so he was suppose to go to the human vet’s to make it better. Well he had to go in for pre testing and they found he had two blocked arteries in his ticker. They fixed it! Yeah! So I am glad my dad fell down cause I would rather have him with a gimpy arm then not have him around at all!

Monkeybutt Samson wants everyone to know that he will be back very soon (he is taking care of dad right now)…I think he is after the pink caped gals!


We went to the lake and mom lost her keys : 2011-06-28


I begged mom to take me for a ride so Sunday morning she drove us to the lake.

We walked and walked and walked


There was lots of good smellies (flowers and fishes and goose poop! mmmmm!)


 We had to drag Monkeybutt Samson along too

Well, after an hour walk we got back to the car and guess what?! Mom couldn’t find her car keys.

We got to play bloodhounds and found them in the grass by the water. (mom did actually, we were pretty tired and really didnt want to go for another walk)

 Mom said something I couldn’t understand bout having to carry keys and poop bags and treats and water and having shallow pockets…..well the air was blue.

She must have cooled off cause she stopped at McD’s and got me a box of my favorite junk food…Chicken McNuggets. I even gave Monkeybutt a couple.

Hope everyone will have a great 4th of July weekend!


Aqua Dog : 2011-06-05

Having run out of funds to keep Daisy in physical therapy (water treadmill) we went to Lowe’s and bought a $80   12’x30″ pool and set it up on our back deck.

At 30″ deep Daisy can’t touch the bottom but I can just lean over the side and hold her to take her around.

I can’t WAIT to get outta here!!!

Does ANYPAWDY feel sorry for me??

Swimming is hard work!!

Good Night Everypawdy!

Daisy takes the gold in the freestyle dogpaddle : 2011-05-31

Day 2- Swimming at home. I put Daisy in Hurricane Rosies Float Coat and we went into the pool. Well, 2 laps around the pool and Miss Daisy figured she’d had enough and tucked her head into the float coat like a turtle and squirmed right out of it…I’m panicking because I was left holding the now empty yellow float coat. Daisy headed toward the ladder like a powerboat. Once I caught up to her I made her go around a few more times so she didnt think that she could get out of her swimming therapy that easy. Hopefully she won’t try the old Babe Ruth candy bar trick next time…..

Monkeybutt Sam went swimming too (he actually LOVES to swim) He can’t understand why Daisy wants out of the pool….

Poor Daisy

Happy Memorial Day : 2011-05-30

Well its Memorial Day and time for all NYers to stop and pause to remember those that have served our country and officially open up our pools.

Daisy donned Rosies Float Coat and we took her for her first home therapy swim.

(If Rosie was just a puppy when she was wearing this float coat OMDoG!

Its still a bit big for Ms. Daisy.


Happy Memorial Day All !!

My own personal butt pillow : 2011-04-12

Hey my fellow Monkeybutts….I have my own very comfy butt pillow thats warm and squishy and has 3 legs….bahahahaha

Monkeybutt Samson

My Life Sans Chair (at least part time) : 2011-04-12

OK, I finally got my new wheelchair back last week and guess what!? Mom is only letting me use my new hotwheels SOME of the time and you know what?

I can stand up most every morning to eat my breakfast without my chair AND without falling down.

I can hop around my yard a little bit in a straight line AND sometimes I can even turn

When we go to the park, mom makes me go all the way around without my chair  (sometimes she has to help me by holding my harness) and then she puts me in the chair and we go around the park again.

Today I got really tired and decided to lay down- except I got confused as to if I was in or out of my chair- oops.

mom said she made appointments at the Therapy Vet next month for me…..eeewww, thats where they lock me in the big aquarium full of water and make me walk. I hate water. If Dalmatians were meant to be in a tank we would have flippers instead of feet.

2 weeks without my wheelchair : 2011-03-31

Mom and Dad took Monkeybutt Sam and me to Eddies Wheels in Shelburne Falls, MA to look at my broken wheelchair. They are making me a new one (yea!)  but it won’t be here for a few weeks.(boo!)

On the way there we stopped at a B and spent the night. (It used to be a B and B but they stopped serving breakfast so I guess its now just a B). The apartment was above the garage and mom wasnt too happy about carrying 80 lb Sam and 40 lb me up and down the stairs but it all worked out and now we are just waiting from my new and improved set of wheels to arrive. 

Mom has taken advantage of the improving NY weather (as in not 24 inches of snow) and no wheels to do some strength training and balancing excercises with me. Guess what I did yesterday?? I stood up by myself to eat my breakfast without anyones help to hold me up!!!!. I was all wobblely side to side and my leg was shaking but I managed to keep my balance until I finished eating. After that I had to sit down and rest.  


I still can’t walk without my chair without help but mom says we will keep practicing without it even when we get the new chair back next week.

On The Road Again : 2011-03-16

We picked Daisy up from Doggy Daycare yesterday and her wheelchair frame was broke. I called Eddies Wheels and we determined it was a defective weld. Instead of shipping it out to Shelburne Falls, Mass. we are packing up Daisy, monkeybutt Sam and  the broken chair on Thursday and driving the 7 hrs to Eddies. I was never totally happy with the way Daisy fit in the the chair and if they have to rebuild it anyway,  I figured it would be better for them to see Miss Daisy in person. I will try to take of pictures of the facilities and fitting in case anyone is thinking about a wheelchair to assist in mobility.

Girls Day Out : 2011-03-02

I must have mom wrapped around my puppy toe- hahaha. I made a really sad face this morning and sighed. She must have really felt sorry for me cause she loaded me up in the car and took me to my favorite store in the whole world…Tractor Supply.


We went up and down all the aisles, especially my favorite with all the FOOD and TOYS!

We even saw baby chicken strips…..mmmmmm. Can we get some mom?

Well, she wouldnt let me buy any of the little chicken strips but I did get a new pink leash and Samson picked out a bag of seed for Farmer Dan….

Feb 25 10:00 am Hibernating : 2011-02-25

After a few days of 45 degrees last week, mother nature is reminding us that it is still February in New York.

We are expected to get 10″-12″ of the white stuff by 5pm. Yuk. Another day stuck in the house.

Dogs are in hibernation mode. I have today off so have decided to stay in my jammies and bunnyslippers and make sure the dogs do not get into trouble. 

Doggy Daycare : 2011-02-18

Daisys 3rd day of school

On February 15th we “enrolled” Daisy in Doggy Daycare at our local schools Animal Science class. She gets to interact with the students and other animals.

I am hoping to build up her stamia so so we can get her into Physical Therapy again in the spring. She gets 30 min in her wheelchair and 30 minutes out for about 3 hours. Once she gets home she is exhausted but she is always excited to get into the classroom when we drop her off. Its good to see the Dalmatian Smile on her face once again.

Taking a break (school is exhausting!) Daisy in Doggy Daycare- Genesee Valley Animal Science Class


Outside with the students 

Outside with the students 


Meeting new friends

Sam and Daisys Excellent Adventure : 2011-02-18

On Jan 23, 2010 the weather in NY was in the teens so we packed up the dogs and drove to Lancaster, Virginia to visit relatives and thaw out.

Sam and Daisy loaded up

Bob SUV’d the Camry’s back seat by cutting a piece of plywoord to fit on top of the seats and putting memory foam on top of the plywood. Nothing but the best for Sam and Daisy.  


Julie gets her Sonic fix (we dont have Sonics in our neck of the woods). Mmmm- Cherry Lime Aid and a Sonic burger and the pups split a chicken sandwich.

We arrive in Kilmarnock VA. Look! No snow!

The Kilmarnock Inn. This was a great place to stay, very relaxing, immaculate rooms and breakfast of Virginia Ham and eggs cooked to perfection (and the pups were welcome.)


Sam- Chillin on the porch

Daisy- enjoying a No Snow Day

Daisy the Happy Dal is brought to you by Tripawds.