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Doggy Daycare : 2011-02-18

Daisys 3rd day of school

On February 15th we “enrolled” Daisy in Doggy Daycare at our local schools Animal Science class. She gets to interact with the students and other animals.

I am hoping to build up her stamia so so we can get her into Physical Therapy again in the spring. She gets 30 min in her wheelchair and 30 minutes out for about 3 hours. Once she gets home she is exhausted but she is always excited to get into the classroom when we drop her off. Its good to see the Dalmatian Smile on her face once again.

Taking a break (school is exhausting!) Daisy in Doggy Daycare- Genesee Valley Animal Science Class


Outside with the students 

Outside with the students 


Meeting new friends

4 Responses to “Doggy Daycare”

  1. kenmoresmom says:

    Wow! Impressive- what kind of activities do they have there? I’m not familiar at all with this kind of program. Daisy is a smart one!
    mandy & Kenmore

    • daisy2010 says:

      These are high schoolers in an alternative education program. The Animal Science program description:
      Animal Science is for students who have a desire to work with large or small animals. The program teaches both basic and advanced skills in such areas as health and disease, nutrition, reproduction, anatomy, physiology, parasitology, handling, restraint and management. Specialized skills in such areas as grooming, marketing and leadership are also emphasized. Animal handling, management and care are practiced with a variety of species. Course work is geared to the interests and career direction of the individual student. Employment possibilities for veterinary technicians and other animal care workers over the next ten years are projected to be excellent.

      During class they let the dogs mingle. They have a few runs that they use when they cannot be hands on. They take the dogs outside for walks. You can also take your dog in for grooming but if they tried to wash Daisy she would probably sprout another leg just to get out of the water.

  2. jerry says:

    Awww Daisy, how cool that you’re making such an impression on tomorrow’s veterinary workers! That’s pawesome!

    And you do look soooo hoppy. I wonder if this kind of class participation is the secret to a hoppy Tripawd life? Sure looks that way. Keep it up 🙂

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