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Daisy the Happy Dal

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Daisy earned her wings today


No need to change her blog title, Daisy was always happy. Even on her last trip to the vet, she managed to perk up and enjoy the "car ride". She explored the ground with her Read full article »

Pinched Nerve?


A few weeks ago we notice that occasionally when Daisy would turn her head to the right she would let you a little yelp. It only happened 2x on one day and then nothing for Read full article »

I am GLAD dad fell down and got hurt…


Ok- this isnt about me but about my dad (Aka Bob). Back in May dad was walking across the edge of our above ground pool and fell down and hurt his arm. It wasnt getting any Read full article »

We went to the lake and mom lost her keys


  I begged mom to take me for a ride so Sunday morning she drove us to the lake. We walked and walked and walked              There was lots of good smellies (flowers and fishes and goose poop! Read full article »

Aqua Dog


Having run out of funds to keep Daisy in physical therapy (water treadmill) we went to Lowe's and bought a $80   12'x30" pool and set it up on our back deck. At 30" deep Daisy can't Read full article »

Daisy takes the gold in the freestyle dogpaddle


Day 2- Swimming at home. I put Daisy in Hurricane Rosies Float Coat and we went into the pool. Well, 2 laps around the pool and Miss Daisy figured she'd had enough and tucked her Read full article »

Happy Memorial Day


Well its Memorial Day and time for all NYers to stop and pause to remember those that have served our country and officially open up our pools. Daisy donned Rosies Float Coat and we took her for her Read full article »

I’m still here- thanks for asking Super Cooper


Mom has been waiting to post something spectacular about me since I got my new chair but so far I am not ready to run the Boston Marathon. I started PT again today- YUK! I Read full article »

My own personal butt pillow


Hey my fellow Monkeybutts....I have my own very comfy butt pillow thats warm and squishy and has 3 legs....bahahahaha Monkeybutt Samson Read full article »

My Life Sans Chair (at least part time)


OK, I finally got my new wheelchair back last week and guess what!? Mom is only letting me use my new hotwheels SOME of the time and you know what? I can stand up most every Read full article »

2 weeks without my wheelchair


Mom and Dad took Monkeybutt Sam and me to Eddies Wheels in Shelburne Falls, MA to look at my broken wheelchair. They are making me a new one (yea!)  but it won't be here for Read full article »

On The Road Again


We picked Daisy up from Doggy Daycare yesterday and her wheelchair frame was broke. I called Eddies Wheels and we determined it was a defective weld. Instead of shipping it out to Shelburne Falls, Mass. Read full article »

Today Daisy Got Up By Herself


For the 1st time since Aug 11, 2011 Daisy pushed her front end off the floor, pushed off with her back legs and hopped about 3 feet. She was laying down in the livingroom and Read full article »

Girls Day Out


I must have mom wrapped around my puppy toe- hahaha. I made a really sad face this morning and sighed. She must have really felt sorry for me cause she loaded me up in the Read full article »

Feb 25 10:00 am Hibernating


After a few days of 45 degrees last week, mother nature is reminding us that it is still February in New York. We are expected to get 10"-12" of the white stuff by 5pm. Yuk. Another Read full article »
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