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I’m still here- thanks for asking Super Cooper : 2011-05-06

Mom has been waiting to post something spectacular about me since I got my new chair but so far I am not ready to run the Boston Marathon. I started PT again today- YUK! I HATE WATER! I did however find out how to cut the water treadmill session’s short. About 5 minutes into making me get into the stupid aquarium I deposited a floating “Baby Ruth”….if you get my drift. Well, they drained the aquarium and cleaned it out. After that they only had time to zap me with the laser thingy. HA! I WON!! And guess what?! Next week Dr Brown is gonna stick Monkeybutt Samson full of pins. Its supposed to help him with deal with someone named Art Thritis. I don’t know who that is but is sure does make him miserable and I’m not sure how sticking pins in his Monkeybutt’s gonna help.

6 Responses to “I’m still here- thanks for asking Super Cooper”

  1. Cooper says:

    Im sure glad you are still here Daisy! I have been watching for you and thought old Samson had done away with you. Maybe that old Art Thritus guy is what makes Samson such a grouch!

    Clown Cooper

  2. fightingforsammy says:

    What a smart puppy, you sure outwitted them! Make sure Samson does the same thing with his appointment, boy Art is not a nice guy at all!

    much hugs,

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  3. etgayle says:

    we just LOVE when we get our needles!!! we also do the lazer thing too…thank goodness no one has thought of dunking me in water!!! glad you are doing ok, sorry to hear ‘art’ is hanging around at your house..he’s a drag!! we’re anxious to see pics of you drag racing with your new chair!!

    charon & gayle

  4. tatespeeps says:

    I LOVE WATER! But lasers? Needles? Well, whatever it is, I hope it helps.


  5. jerry says:

    I LOVE Babe Ruths! Yum!

    Uh oh. You meant THOSE Babe Ruths?


  6. Hey Daisy!! You’re lookin’ good but OMDoG! What a riot with the Baby Ruth in the pool!!!!! Now THAT’S a great way to make ’em take you out-a the pool!!!! LOL!

    Tracy & Maggie(who wasn’t de-stuffing you on my blog, I promise!)

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