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Old Dal begins new life : 2010-08-31

Aug 11 2010 Daisy was hit by a car and suffered severe damage to her left hind leg (the vet said it was a “classic degloving”) and also cuts to her other three legs and pads. The 1st surgery placed what was left of her skin back on her leg but after 5 days the skin started to die. Off we went to Cornell Univ. where we discussed various options but finally opted to have the leg removed. A tough desicion to make for our 12 yr old gal. The night of the surgery I found this website and it made me stop self doubting (for a moment) whether I had made the right choice. I ordered the recommended harness that night and it was delivered in time for her release from Cornell. (Thank you thank you!!- what a life saver) She came home on Baytril, Tramadol and a Fentanyl Patch and slept for the 1st 3 days, only getting up when we carried her outside to pee. She wasnt eating or drinking on her own so we pretty much force fed her a bit of shredded baked chicken breast and baby food and squirted water in her mouth with a sports bottle. On the 3rd day home the Fentanyl patch was removed, the Baytril was done and we saw a little glimmer of our old dog. She was able to hop around short distances with the help of the harness and she began eating on her own. (Although the amount she was eating wouldnt keep a flea alive!) The vet told us to replace the Tramadol with Derramax and try feeding her canned pumpkin to “loosen” her up in addition to her food. Lets just say it worked.
Aug 30- The staples came out and the wound looks great. Luckily my husband and I work 2 miles from our home and we are able to drive home a few times a day to check on Miss Daisy. She pretty much lays around all day. When we help her up she can walk for a few minutes on her own before laying back down but she still hasnt been able to stand up on her own. Maybe because of her age or the injuries to the pads on her remaining three legs. She came to us as a rescue dog so we dont know her past but she is one of those dogs that doesnt play with toys so we cant tempt her to move with a tennis ball or squeaky. Thank you for this website, the hints and all who have posted their stories!

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  1. admin says:

    No, thank you for sharing Daisy’s story! Considering what she has been through, it sounds like she’s doing well. Just take things one day at a time and keep us posted.

  2. admin says:

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  3. etgayle says:

    welcome daisy!! sounds like you had a heck of a fight with that car…and we know who usually wins that kind of fight. with your other legs and pads banged up…geesh… i’d be napping and resting too!! napping is medically proven to aid healing you know!! can’t wait to see some pictures of you too!!

    gayle & charon

  4. anyemery says:

    Daisy sounds like a real trooper! We’ll keep all fingers and paws crossed that she continues to do well. Have you asked your vet whether he/she thinks she should be getting up on her own yet? Holly got up pretty quickly, but she’s small and wasn’t contending with additional injuries to her remaining legs.
    Sending hugs,
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  5. jdsmom says:

    Welcome to you amd Miss Daisy.
    I too found this website which I now call a family, before the decision to amputate my11 year old girl JD’s front left leg. She had developed Osteosarcoma, something you hera alot about around here but not much out in the real world. so JD’s story differs from your tough gal’s accident.

    Sounds like she is doing pretty well. Being seniors it is hard to tell what is them healing and adjusting, and what is just old age. JD jad arthritis in the back legs so I wasn’t sure if that was a factor as well. But I must say, she rebounded so fast, in just three weeks, just in time to start her first chemo she was acting like a puppy again. I did give her some supplements for immunity and gluchosamine and chrondroitin but she was feeling great so quickly I was amazed.

    Unfortunately I lost her this past Sunday to a freak medical problem not at all related to her cancer or amputation. Totally devastating . But I delighted in having my puppy back for those few weeks after her surgery.

    Stick around, ask questions and please post your stories. As you and I both know the stories here can make all the difference. I feel so lucky to have found Tripawds.

    Welcome and good luck with Miss Daisy.
    Angel JD’s mom

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